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About 9vol


: The obverted image of the word, “love” when reflected in the mirror. It signifies the source of love that always exists in every one of us even when we deny it. The source of love, universal synchronicity, can help coalesce us when recognized and can define who we are when we can’t.

9vol is the lifetime journey and project of music artist, Axel Ejune Sim (Lead Vocals, Key, Guitar, Bass) who has been working diligently since 2011 to bring his vision for this modern Alternative/Rock/Pop/Electronics music to reality. 9vol delivers an explosive sound and energy in a great depth of musical range while showcasing emotional and gravitational moments filled with poignant performances. His powerful, chill-inducing vocals are truly unforgettable.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, he began his musical path with record company Sound Korea. From his self-titled album, two singles with music videos received heavy airplay on International MTV, Mnet (K-POP) and national radio stations. He performed for national TV audiences and at large concerts. His musical journey flew him to Toronto, Canada where he produced music for a UNICEF video featuring actors from Degrassi, The Next Generation and scored the short film, In Between Dreams by James Cooper that was submitted to Cannes Film Festival.

In January 2012, He became one of the semi-finalists, the only one in Ontario, Canada, in Vocals, Queen Extravaganza audition, Roger Taylor, Queen’s drummer’s talent search in North America for their tour in 2012, resulting in publicity and performance at CP24, CHUM Radio, Globe & Mail, Korea Times and etc.

Axel Ejune Sim, who is also the recent winner of the Stage Star competition by Paragon Entertainment, has also appeared in TV dramas, commercials and music videos as an actor. However, his heart and his dream belongs to music: He has poured his all into 9vol since he came to the realization and the inspiration that, no matter where we are, we all have “love” “inside”, which is how 9vol is created. Ejune hopes that 9vol not only stages entertainment value but also ends with a philanthropic foundation specializing in children’s education as the ultimate goal of 9vol and his dream.

9vol intends to be the positive reminder of what we truly have inside and can actually be, even in dark moments of our lives.

Spread 9vol for the world in a better place.