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Without help from our friends, 9vol would not be 9vol today. Thus, 9vol would like to honour their hard work with amazing talent and express gratitude to their special care.

Web Designer
La Femme Daria (Daria Kotova)
Tim Leyes – Photographer
Paymen Soheili

Makeup Artist
Natalia Solar

Musicians & Audio Engineers
Peter Letros – Mastering Engineer, Former Chief Mastering Engineer at Sony Music Canada (7 Things, 9vol’s EP)
Luke DaSilva – Audio Engineer/Producer/Bassist (7 Things, 9vol’s EP)
Peter Andrew Gullo – Drummer (7 Things, 9vol’s EP)
Matt Grellman – Guitar (7 Things, 9vol’s EP)

Models & Actors
Sara Hammond – Model (the album art of 9vol’s EP, 7 Things)

Financial Investor
Tim Biggs